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ESCO Hexyethylphenoform Destroys Most Resistant Types of Bacteria Neutralizes Odor Quickly & Corrects Source Widely Used As Autopsy Cavity Fluid 16oz

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Hexyethylphenoform Surface Embalming is the most resistant type of bacteria are destroyed on contact with Hexyethylphenoform. Any case of known contagious disease or one evidencing a plus condition, should be treated with Hexyethylphenoform. Treatment may be by spray, pack, or by hypodermic injection. Three powerful, but harmless gases give this product exceptional deodorizing and preservation power. The odor is neutralized quickly; the source corrected. Hexyethylphenoform is widely used as an autopsy cavity fluid, an external embalming fluid, an external bleacher, for the destruction of body vermin, etc. It is an outstanding multipurpose fluid.