Eckels Veloxin for Edema

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Eckels Veloxin for Edema Reduces Swollen Tissue Due to Fluid Retention 16oz 24cs

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Eckels Veloxin for Edema:

Edema is often a difficult condition that embalmers must overcome and due to today’s modern medical practices and procedures, embalmers are encountering these cases more frequently. Veloxin for Edema will reduce swollen tissue due to fluid retention, allowing the arterial solution more thorough distribution and a more complete preservation and disinfection. This new Eckels formula is the most advanced chemical available to assist with eliminating the effects of edema. It can be used as an additive to any of the Eckels family of quality arterial chemicals to ensure consistent, positive results.

For best results:

The usual recommendations for using an edema fluid are six ounces to eight ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid for average cases. More difficult cases may require twelve to sixteen ounces. Frequently the edema fluid, especially in higher quantities, is used in the last gallon. The experience and discretion of the embalmer always takes precedence.