Eckels Arterial Dyno Ultra 34 Index

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Eckels Dyno-Ultra Arterial Fluid 34 Index 16oz 24cs

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Eckels Arterial Dyno Ultra 34 Index:

• Finest “high” index chemical available without the caustic effects often associated with high index

• Suitable as a tissue reducing chemical to alleviate effects of edema

• Thorough preserving and clearing qualities

• No astringent difficulties often associated with other high indexed chemicals

For best results:

Add 2-8oz of Eckels NuTralize then 6-8oz of Dyno Arterial per gallon. Can also be used as a co-injection by adding 2-8oz of Eckels NuTralize and 8oz of Eckels Gold, Dyno Tone or Eckeltone Pre-Injection prior to adding Dyno-Supreme.

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